Decorative Fasteners
"Refresh your patio/pool area with new fasteners." We remove the old rusty ones, and replace with new screws that have cap covers. They come with a 10 year warranty. It looks better (in appearance) and re-establishes the integrity of your enclosure.

Repainting Screen Enclosures
We are one of the very few companies who will repaint your aluminum structure. We cover all surfaces (to protect your home from over spray), pressure clean the metal, etch it, then paint with an airless sprayer.

Screen Repair
We can do a total re-screen of your enclosure, and replace all screws. Combine that with our repaint, and your screen enclosure will be practically brand new (for much less than the cost of building a new one).

Yearly Shutter Service
Service so when they are needed, the shutters are fully Operational. We recommend this at least once a year at the beginning of the season (May/June) and again in Nov if you live on or near the ocean (salt water) or the Golf course (sand).